Getting started

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Lecture: 3 minutes

Getting started

Run locally

With docker

docker run --name blog --tty --rm --volume "$PWD":/usr/src/app:delegated --volume site:/usr/src/app/_site --publish "4000:4000" starefossen/github-pages

Eventually remove the old Gemfile.lock

By installing stuffs locally



Nokogiri installed with :

sudo gem install nokogiri -v '1.7.1' --                                \
     --use-system-libraries=true                                       \

Answer source

And then

bundle exec jekyll serve -w --port 4000

Jekyll styling

Styling the pre tag

Liquid templates with functions, filters, tags GH Blog setup


  • Best guide (but deprecated on some aspects) :

  • Wordpress Export (All content)

  • Run the jekyll import tool

      gem install jekyll-import
      gem install hpricot

    Then run

      ruby -rubygems -e 'require "jekyll-import";{ "source" => "wordpress.xml" })'
  • Migrate posts to full markdown (tables, lists, blockquotes, pre code, …)
  • Tweak theme (Carte noire)
  • Migrate some pages to md
  • Translate remaining english sentences
  • Use liquid filter escape, to avoid escaping in the data file
  • Migrate comments to Disqus
    • Create disqus account, install disqus plugin on wordpress,
    • Get the disqus_identifier for each posts, updates each pages with corresponding identifier
    • Configure Disqus with disqus_identifier =
    • Configure Disqus with page.url =
  • DNS
  • Move some file to _pages
  • Fix SSL for custom CNAME once GH handles it (using cloudflare now) See :