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Lecture: 2 minutes

Le mouvement anti-if

Pour que le design de notre code soit un peu plus orienté objet!

I have joined Anti-IF Campaign

Quelques livres à posséder

book Growing Object Oriented Software,
Guided by Tests

by Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce
book Clean Code
by Rober C. Martin
book Domain Driven Design
by Eric Evans
book 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know
Collective Wisdom
book Java Concurrency in Practice
by Brian Goetz
book Effective Java (2nd Edition)
by Joshua Bloch
book Real World Java EE Patterns
by Adam Bien
book Pragmatic Thinking & Learning
by Andy Hunt
book Enterprise Integration Patterns
by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf
book Java EE 6
by Antonio Goncalves
book Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture
by Martin Fowler
book Business Model Generation
by Alexander Osterwalter and Yves Pigneur
book Design Patterns
by John Vlissides, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson and Erich Gamma
book Reactive Design Patterns
by Dr. Roland Kuhn, Brian Hanafee and Jamie Allen