A practical look at JEP-389 in JDK16 with libsodium 2021-02-20

JDK 16 is coming and with the incubating JEP-389, let’s have a practical look at this API that should supersede JNI.

Anonymous CompletableFuture threads with burstable pods 2020-12-11

It all started when opening a JFR recording, I noticed a very large and growing number of very short lived threads.

Off-Heap memory reconnaissance 2020-11-30

Understand the RSS of a JVM leveraging the horsepower underneath ps with the help of one or two JVM diagnostic command.

MaxRamPercentage is not what I wished for 2020-10-27 This entry has been marinating for most of the year 2020. I should have published this opinion way earlier maybe end of 2019, but it took me time to realise I should split a bigger piece in smaller articles that hopefully made sense on their own. ...
Reads network addresses in /proc 2020-10-23 If you happen to be on a read only container that doesn’t have the usual network utilities, like netstat, ss (socket stat), lsof, etc then your only option is to leverage procfs, however procfs displays some data in hexadecimal. ...